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Ureter Stone

Urine travels from the kidney to the bladder through tubes called ureters. A ureter stone is a mineral mass in the ureter, which may or may not have originated in the kidney and traveled down into the ureter. A stone begins when particles of minerals in stagnated urine crystallize and form a mass.

If small enough, a stone can disengage and pass through the ureter and out of the body unnoticed. If it is too large, it may lodge in the ureter and obstruct the flow of urine.

Symptoms Causes and Risk Factors

While the causes of ureter stones are unknown, individuals with a family history are more likely to be at risk. Certain metabolic disorders are also associated with the formation of stones, as are cystic kidney diseases and urinary tract infections.


It is done by URS,RIRS, Lithotripsy & Laparoscopy Surgery.