About Dr.Chirag Gupta

Our Male infertility specialist doctor, Dr Chirag Gupta has MBBS, MS (General Surgery), & DNB (Urology). He is an experienced urologist, Andrologist, & Micro surgeon. He has a vast experience and skilled hand in performing all urology surgeries like stone removal treatment, prostate diseases, cancer surgeries as well as paediatric diseases, urinary leakage treatment and has special interest in laparoscopic surgeries.

During his training in Urology at prestigious institute “Lilavati Hospital & Research Centre”, Mumbai he developed a keen interest in the field of Male infertility and Men’s sexual health. He has got the opportunity to receive his training in above specialities at Lilavati Hospital where all specialities are practiced by best specialists of the country. Working and learning at such a centre of excellence, gave Dr Chirag an insight to deal with all the problems related to male fertility and Men’s sexual health. He is a strong follower of ethical and evidence based medical practice and with his experience, and competence he provides a dedicated and excellent care to his patients.

With increasing number of patients attending infertility clinic where male factor is the main cause, opinion of an experienced specialist is the need of hour. With this motto, Dr Chirag Gupta has decided to move to his native place to provide services to the needed people at their doorsteps. His areas of focus in Andrology are erectile dysfunction, Penile prosthesis surgeries, Peyronie's disease, Reconstructive surgeries, Male factor infertility, and Penile Rejuvenation. Doctor has a special interest in microscopic surgeries likemicroscopic sperm retrieval, Microscopic Varicocelectomy and reconstructive surgeries (Vasoepidedymal anastomosis, Vasovasal anastomosis, Vasectomy Reversal), etc.

Introduction of microscopic surgeries has increased the success rates and minimised the complication. With these skills and latest techniques, which are lacking inmost of the part of country, Dr Chirag provides those men to father their own genetic child, who have previously been given the donor sperms option only.

Further adding to his academic achievements, doctor has credited several papers and publications in various national & international journals and books.

Qualification :
  • MBBS from Gajra Raja Medical college Gwalior 2003.
  • MS from Gandhi Medical College Bhopal. 2010
  • DNB Super speciality qualification in Urology at Lilavati hospital and research center Mumbai 2015
  • Uroandrologist and Microsurgeon
Speciality :
  • Uroandrologist and Microsurgeon
Membership :
  • USl (Uioiogical society ol India)
  • AUA (American Urology Association)
  • ISSM 'International Society for Sexual Medlcinel
  • SASSM (South Asian Society Of Sexual Medicine)
  • WZUSl (West Zone Urological society of India)
  • Microsurgical skills
  • Male Heproduciive Medicine
  • Sexual Medicine and Penile implants
  • Vasectomy reversal
  • Microsurgical repairs of Varicoceles
  • Micro TESE
  • Microsurgical Vaso Vaso-stomies and Vaso-epididymostomies

Special Achievements :

Publications In Journals:
  • Microscopic varicocelectomy as a treatment option for patients with severe oligospermia Chirag Gupta Arun Chinchole,Rupin Shah, Hemant Pathak, Deepa Talreja, Ankit Kayal In ICUROUOGY journal
  • Advances in sperm retrieval techniques In azoospermic rnord. A systematic review Rupin Shah. Chirag Gupta In Arab journal
  • Successful management of ureteric endometriosis by laparoscopic ureterolysis - A review and roport of three further cases in Arab journal
  • Publications In Books :
    • Failure to Produce a Sample. Chirag Gupta, Rupin Shah in Male Infertility in Everyday Practice.
    • Renal Transplantation, Hemant Pathak. Chirag Gupta tn Indian association of Paediatric Surgery Textbook
    • Presentations :
      • Faculty In Andrology training workshop 2019, at MPUH Nadiad
      • Faculty in USICON 2019. Speaker for Stutering priapisn in adolescent males
      • Faculty In NZUSICON 2018 Speaker for the topic 'Problems with the residency program'.
      • Faculty in Andrology training workshop 2018 at MPUH Nadiad.
      • Presented a Video in USICON 2017 on 'Use of SIS graft in Peyronie’s disease'.
      • Presented paper in USICON 2017 on "Microscopic varicocelectomy in severe oligoasthenozoospermia'.
      • Presented in Chandigarh Best Video competition in USICON 2016 on 'Doppler assisted microscopic varicocelectomy'
      • Presented scientific paper in MP ASICON 2013
      • Presented scientific paper in MP ASICON 2012
      • Presented scientific paper in MP ASICON 2011